The Paris City Council will hold its regular monthly meeting on Monday, Aug. 6 at the Municipal Building. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and is open to the public.

Aldermen will be asked to deal with two resolutions and three proposed ordinances, as well as hear reports and comments from the public.

The first resolution deals with a 2019 park grant the city is seeking from the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism. The grant funds, if awarded, will help pay for construction of a splash pad at Wood Street Park.

“A resolution has to be passed to show the state that as a council we support the splash pad that we are applying for a grant on,” Paris Mayor Daniel Rogers said. “It also shows the state if awarded the grant, we will come up with our half of the money.”

This year, the city accepted grant funds to build a basketball court at Wood Street Park.

The second resolution to be considered deals with substituting trustees of Firemen’s Pension Fund.

Aldermen will also consider an ordinance to amend city zoning code as it regulates RV parks.

“We have someone who wants to put in an RV Park in Paris but came to Planning and Zoning concerned about some of the regulations being to difficult to comply with,” Rogers said. “The Planning and Zoning Commission has addressed those issues and now has made a recommendation to the City Council to amend the code concerning the RV parks.”

Aldermen will also consider another ordinance to amend zoning code.

“This ordinance would allow a traditionally built home to be moved into R-1,” Rogers said. “Currently R-1 doesn’t allow a traditionally built home to be moved into R-1 and residents would have to rezone to be able to move a home in.”

The third ordinance to be considered bans smoking in city parks.

“This proposed ordinance is being sponsored by Alderman Tonya Baumgartner and I don’t know what to report to you about how detailed it will be on banning smoking or if it is a complete ban.” Rogers said. “I know that she is working with the City Attorney to prepare it for the meeting.”