The solid waste transfer station, located on Highway 309, just outside the city limits, is back open. The station opened this week after being closed since last fall, according to Mayor Paris Daniel Rogers.

“It will be open to the public starting Friday,” Rogers said. “We will be hauling our residential trash, that had been being hauled to Clarksville, back to our own transfer station here in Paris.”

The station was closed because the compactor malfunctioned due to age, according to Street Department Supervisor Larry Robberson. Concrete work at the site began in March and a new compactor was delivered last week. The repair work cost $170,000 which was paid using proceeds from a one-cent sales tax approved by voters in 2013.

“The old equipment which was installed in the early 90’s has been replaced,” Rogers said. “This is a major improvement which should keep us in good shape for the next 20 to 30 years.”

Not only does the station handle solid waste from Paris, it is also used by people living outside the city limits but without trash pick up service.

“As a city, we are very community minded and this transfer station accommodates the entire north Logan County community,” Rogers said. “This transfer station is not only an asset to our city residents, but also brings a service to our neighbors who live outside our city limits.”

While the station was under repair, the city sent its solid waste to Ozark. Citizens outside the city in need of services were taking waste to Johnson County, Clarksville, Ozark or the Logan County Yard on South Lowder Street.