As schools prepare to welcome their students back for the new school year, White Hall teachers are in full swing readying for their class schedules, decorating classroom doors and creating bulletin announcements for the first day of school Monday, Aug. 13.

Amanda Queck, fifth grade teacher at Gandy Elementary, was busy beautifying her door Tuesday morning as her colleagues passed through the hallways completing their own duties.

Queck took a moment to share some things she looked forward to coming into the new school year, and getting a new group of students and learning a lot of new things but having fun at the same time was at top of her list.

With technology rapidly changing, many teachers are beginning to incorporate new teaching methods into their lesson plans.

“It’s fun to add new technology, the kids like it. We try to have a good balance of it, you know, ’cause you don’t want it to be all that they do,” Queck said. “But they do enjoy finding math things that we can use on the iPads. They find it fun.”

Gandy Elementary second grade teacher Rebecca Moltz was also among the teachers making last-minute arrangements in preparation for the new arrival of students next week.

“I’m looking forward to some fresh faces, some excited kids and parents, and just a very productive school year,” Moltz said.

Moltz expressed how evolving technology in the classrooms proved to be beneficial when it came to increasing student’s attitude towards learning.

“It’ll introduce a whole new world to these kids that are so up to date on their gadgets already,” she said. “That expect high tech education and if it’s in our classroom, it’s just going to pull them in even faster.

Over at W.F. Moody Elementary, teachers were just as busy testing locker combinations, checking classroom rolls, and enjoying some friendly conversation as they checked off their to-do lists.

Melissa Carr, sitting amongst tens of textbooks, said that she was ready to see new faces when she shows up for work next week.

“I just look forward to seeing all my smiling faces on Monday morning,” said Carr, who teaches fifth grade. “I think that technology is going to be a good supplement to traditional teaching. I think they are going to complement one another.”

Two second grade teachers, Julianna Bobo and Whitney Woolley, sat in a classroom reviewing a list of names and weeding out which students were assigned to their respective classes.

Bobo stated that she was most excited about getting to meet all of her new babies and that she preferred to stick to the basics when it came to her teaching methods.

“In second grade, it’s not going to change us quite as much,” Bobo said. “We’re still kind of pencil-paper methods, ’cause that’s what those babies need. They’re still learning how to manipulate a pencil so we try to keep them away from iPads and technology right now because they’re getting a lot of that at home. Really, you start seeing more of it being incorporated fourth, fifth, and on.”

“I'm looking forward to meeting all my new kids as well,” said first-time instructor, Woolley, excitedly.