Work continues toward improving Internet coverage for Hot Springs Village residents, Greg Jones told the Property Owners’ Association governmental affairs committee in his August member report.
The GAC held its August meeting at Jessieville School District’s Performing Arts Center.
Jones is communicating with Suddenlink about providing cable and internet availability to Villagers who currently lack any service option.
“I received a request from their construction team for the plat maps for the houses on Pinocha Way, which indicates they are doing the construction plans for covering those residences,” he told the GAC.
“I have recently been contacted by residents on San Augustin Way which was sent to the GAC earlier this month. I have spoken to the residents and will be forwarding their request to Suddenlink for consideration.
Jones said the latter is a more-difficult situation, as it is seven-tenths of a mile from current Suddenlink service, and there are only three houses on San Augustin Way. “However, I was informed that one house recently for sale had a contract which was canceled due to lack of broadband access,” he said.
Residents of Binefar neighborhood, led by John Duncan, created letters of support for Suddenlink to bring service to their homes,” he said.
Letters were forwarded to the regional operations manager that Jones has been working with on various Village issues. “She acknowledged their letters and appreciated their support,” Jones said. “She is awaiting information on the return-on-investment or potential funding arrangements for this construction.”
The POA broadband committee has compiled questions for developing a survey. The survey would be sent to sent to Villagers by the GAC. “I will be forwarding the potential questions to the subcommittee members to help formulate the survey,” Jones said in his report.
A further site study was conducted on the two top locations for Village wireless internet:
Coronado Community Center area and the Ponce de Leon Center area. Jones is developing budgetary estimates for the POA to study for potential implementation options.
In David Whitlow’s member reports, the City of Hot Springs has awarded a $276,708 utility design contract to Garver LLC for widening Park Avenue from the junction of Gorge Road to the junction of Highways 5 and 7. Construction of the Park Avenue project is scheduled to begin in 2020.
Also, the Arkansas Department of Transportation held a public involvement meeting for improvements near the western end of the Martin Luther King Jr. Expressway. Interchange improvements are under consideration for the western terminus at the intersection of U.S. Highway 270 West and Albert Pike Road, and the expressway’s intersection further south on U.S. 70 West.
The open house was held at Hot Springs Baptist Church. It was part of a planning study that is also considering improvements to the Higdon Ferry Road and Central Avenue intersections with the expressway, Whitlow said in his report.
The City of Hot Springs and Garland County each contributed $50,000 to the study. These contributions expedited ARDOT’s study.