A new school year opened Monday in north Logan County when St. Joseph Catholic School, Subiaco Academy and the Paris School District opened their doors. The series of openings continues today (Wednesday) when the Scranton School District and the County Line School Districts begin a new year.

Paris School District Superintendent Dr. Wayne Fawcett said the opening of school was “really smooth.”

Fawcett said his district’s enrollment is likely to be very close to the 1,034 students that were enrolled on the last day of the 2017-18 school year last May.

He reported that Paris Elementary School was expecting an enrollment of 354 students and Paris Middle School has 323 in class on the first day. Paris High School has 329 students. That make for a total first day attendance of 1,006.

"That's who attended," Fawcett said, "not total enrollment. We don't really count enrollment until the 11th day. That's Aug. 27. I think we will be close."

St. Joseph Catholic School in Paris was anticipating around 100 students when the new school year started. The private school located at St. Joseph Catholic Church began the new school year with a new principal. Kristy Koprovic, who served as principal since last year, recently took a new job in northwest Arkansas. The school named Shirley Kiefer as the interim principal. Keifer served as principal form 1992 to 1997 and then took a job at Subiaco Academy.

“I thought I was retiring but God had other plans,” Keifer said.

The Scranton and County Line Districts are expecting a few more students.

“We finished last year with about 410 students,” said Toby Cook, superintendent of the Scranton School District. “We’re going to be up a little bit.”

“We ended with about 458 students and I think we’re a little bit more than that. Maybe the low 460s,” said County Line School District Superintendent Taylor Gattis.

The County Line School District hosted an open house and a dedication for the district’s new safe room on Monday.

The County Line and Scranton District’s, as well at St. Joseph Catholic School, are welcoming a small number of new staff members. The Paris School District has 11 new teachers.