State Rep. Jon Eubanks, R-Paris, will be seeking his fifth, two-year term of office in the November General Election.

He’s all but certain to win because he has no opponent. Eubanks said last week that his fifth term will be his last. He won’t seek re-election in 2020 when his term expires.

“I think 10 years is a good run,” Eubanks said. “I’ll be 69 when I finish the term. At some point you’d like to spend more time with your family.”

Eubanks was first elected in 2010. He faced opponents when he ran for his first and second terms and was unopposed for his third, fourth and fifth. In the Arkansas Legislature, Eubanks has served on the education, state agencies and rules committees. He is also a member of the Legislative Council, the body that takes care of legislative business between sessions. He is also serving as a Speaker Pro Tem.

“Frankly, I want to spend more time with my family,” Eubanks said. “These last two terms, I’ve served as a Speaker Pro Tem. That’s required a lot more time. It’s taken it’s toll. I’m tired.”

In his upcoming term, which begins in January, Eubanks’ work load isn’t likely to lessen.

“I suspect there’s a good chance I’ll serve in some kind of leadership role,” Eubanks said.

In the spring, it was believed Eubanks would have an opponent. Dr. Curtis Varnell of Paris announced his candidacy for the job as an independent. However, Varnell didn’t qualify for the ballot because he didn’t get enough signatures. Varnell has also stated he will run in 2020 as a candidate representing a party.

Eubanks likes the idea of being unopposed again.

“It’s always good to be unopposed,” he said. “I have always believed there are two ways to run — scared or unopposed. I will still campaign. I will still attend functions because I have to maintain contact with the people of the district.”

In addition to spending more time with his family, Eubanks’ decision has something to do with the 2020 race.

“It will be an open seat so I think there will be a lot of interest,” Eubanks said. “I’ve told people I wasn’t running after this next term and I’m sure several people are thinking about it. I made the decision now and announced in part because I wanted people who are interested to have plenty of time to prepare for it.”