A new school year began in Logan County last week and it began well, according to superintendents and school officials.

The Paris School District, Subiaco Academy and St. Joseph Catholic School in Paris started classes on Monday, Aug 13. The County Line School District and the Scranton School District opened the new school year on Wednesday, Aug. 15.

Of course, attendance makes headline when a new school year opens. The reality is that first day enrollment means very little. Districts won’t have a clear picture of enrollment until Monday, Aug. 27 and Wednesday, Aug. 29, the 11th day of classes depending on when school started. That’s the day schools can officially drop those who enrolled but haven’t attended.

First day attendance was pretty solid in north Logan County. Paris is close to the 1,034 students enrolled on the last day of last school year. Scranton and County Line are showing increased attendance. Subiaco Academy and St. Joseph Catholic School are reporting attendance of 156 and 84 students, respectively.

“It’s been an incredible start, a really good start,” said Shirley Kiefer, principal at St. Joseph. “The kids and teachers really hit the ground running. I think we’ve got good enrollment. We’ve also got a waiting list for our Pre-Kindergarten program.”

“I think it’s been a fantastic start to the year” said new Subiaco Academy Headmaster David Wright. “We’ve got a great group of students and the faculty and staff have been tremendous. We’re thrilled with our attendance.”

County Line School District showed a big jump in attendance.

“We’ve got 480 students, an increase of 23 more than last year,” said Superintendent Taylor Gattis. “The start of the year has been going very good.”

Scranton is showing an attendance of 429 students this year, compared to 408 last year, according to Superintendent Toby Cook.

“Other than all the rain, this week has been very good,” he said.