The Paris City Council will hold a rare Tuesday night meeting on Sept. 4, their regular meeting for the month. It’s on Tuesday night because Monday Sept. 3 is Labor Day and city offices are closed.

New items on the agenda include clarification of a street name, discussion about a fall food and craft festival in Paris and a resolution amending the city’s 2018 budget. Also on the agenda are unfinished business, committee and other reports and comments from the public. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and is open to the public.

The resolution amending the city budget will involve adding $10,000 to the budget category involving maintenance of city property.

“We’re going to need to put a new roof on the Girl Scout Hut in Paris,” Mayor Daniel Rogers said. “We feel like the roof is going to cost $17,000. That’s an estimate. We hope its going to cost less than that. That building hasn’t been used in several years and Girl Scouts in Paris are becoming active again. They are having a work day at the building on Sept. 8.”

Rogers said members of the Girl Scouts came to the City Council meeting in August and asked for a new roof on the building. He said if the City Council approves the budget amendment, the roof work will probably be done in October.

The City Council will also hear from Liz Preston about the food and craft festival scheduled this fall on Courthouse Square.

“We want her to come and talk about what they are planning to do,” Rogers said.

The festival was held last year in November.

The city street name to be clarified is Crescent Drive.

“Crescent Drive is what we call it,” Rogers said. “In 911 addressing, it’s called Crescent Street. “We’re gong to change it to match the 911 designation.”

The City Council will also listen to the second reading of a proposed ordinance changing the existing ordinance on RV parks in the city.