Logan County has turned in the strongest quarter of sales tax receipts in the third quarter for at least five years.

The third quarter sales taxes came in at $348,920.75 for a three months ending on Sept. 30. That compares to $315,222.27 of sales taxes for the third quarter of 2017.

The county collected more than that, though. The county shares its sales taxes with nine other municipalities.

“We’re bringing in more than I anticipated,” County Treasurer Mickey Oates said. “It's the strongest quarter we’ve had in over five years. Plus, it's the highest monthly quarter collection ever.”

The taxes collected in July, August and September were over $110,000 each month. July was $114,956. Taxes collected in August were $115,757 and taxes collected in August were $118,207. Oates predicted collections of $91,667 per month.

Yearly sales tax collections have also been strong. For example, the county has all ready collected $977,196.22 in sales taxes and Oates predicted $1.1 million.

Here are the sales tax collections for the third quarter compared to the same quarter in 2017.

July: Collected $114,956.39 compared to $105,802.26.

August: Collected $115,757.18 compared to $105,020.14.

September: $118,207.18 compared to $104,399.87.

“I think we didn’t have any major rebates come out of the money this year,” said Oates. “Perhaps some of our sales taxes are staying inside the county rather than leaving the county.”

Looking ahead, sales taxes for the year are expected to be strong. The county will almost certainly collect more than the $1,100,000 this year. It already has $977,196.22. And, the three quarters left are some of a strongest of the year in October, November and December.