KATV’s Seven on Your Side, Jason Pederson, made a trip to Stuttgart Friday after concerned citizens inquired why the gas prices continued to remain high while according to gasbuddy.com, the lowest price you can find in Arkansas for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $1.70.

Jason Pederson is a consumer affairs reporter who helps Arkansans understand their rights as consumers so they don’t fall victim to dishonest business schemes. He traveled to Arkansas County to hear the concerns of the residents of Stuttgart.

According to Pederson’s report, which can be found at https://katv.com/community/7-on-your-side/stuttgart-pump-prices-slow-to-fall,

the lowest price in Stuttgart was 40 cents a gallon over the lowest price in Arkansas. According to Pederson, neighboring town DeWitt gas was found for $1.83.

With prices lower in surrounding areas, Stuttgart residents pondered the question of why the gas prices in Stuttgart are so high. According to the Business Insider, The general rule to set gas prices, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, is that about two-thirds of your cost of gas at the pump is determined by crude oil cost. The rest is a combination of taxes, refining, distribution and marketing, the cost of operating the service station.

Multiple gas stations were contacted in town about their prices. No managers were available for comment but an employee from One Stop Gas Station did inform when asked what factors go into setting the price for gas, that the prices are set by the manager.

Though other cities gas prices remain over $2.00, Stuttgart’s comes in on top as the highest. “Stuttgart has always been much higher when it comes to gas prices,” said Kelly Szuch.

“I haven’t bought gas here in town since Thanksgiving,” said Diana Knowlton. “I’ve been filling up in Hazen, Cabot and Little Rock because they’ve been so much cheaper when I pass through.”

In an interview with Robert Chambers did with Pederson, he explains the majority of people in Arkansas County live at or below the national poverty level and hit the poor the hardest.

“Hopefully our people can get some relief at the pump because oil per barrel is predicted to be as low as $40 a barrel,” said Chambers. “That means gas will be as low as perhaps $1.30 a gallon, but if we're not careful we'll still be paying an exorbitant amount.”