Ginger Beck is the co-author of Abandoned Arkansas that showcases neglected structures in Arkansas.

Can you tell me about your book?

The book is a collaboration between three other members of Abandoned Arkansas and me. The book opportunity sort of presented itself to us as part of America Through Time. Each of us has a section with our photos and history and personal experience with the locations we feature. Our main idea is not only to discuss the past, but also preserve and hopefully save many of the buildings that have been left behind, especially historical ones that mean so much to many people in an area and the state as a whole.

What was the inspiration behind this book project?

We love to take places that the world has forgotten and let people see not only that they were once beautiful, but they are still a type of beauty in their current state.

What goals do you hope this book will help you achieve with your readers?

We strongly advocate for preservation, but if we can just document a location for future generations, then we have done something. For example, last year I documented a park/pool that was one of the first African American recreation areas in Little Rock. It has now been torn down and filled in. So we discussed the history and showed its current state, but now the pictures of when it was abandoned or also a reminder of what is no longer there at all.

Do you have any upcoming book events?

There will be a book signing/author event on March 23 in Fort Smith. All information related to the book, signings, and locations are found on our website at