The County Line School District will hold a special election on April 9, 2019, regarding a millage extension for renovating the existing gymnasium.

The current gymnasium was built in the late 1960s and has had no prior renovations since the original construction. Superintendent Talyor Gattis stated that the district is not requesting an increase but an extension of the current 36.1 mills that are in place to cover the costs of the renovations.

“We have been making efforts to update our school property and we feel that renovating the gym is the next best step for the school district at this time,” said Gattis.

The gymnasium renovation would consist of removing the lobby located on the west end of the gym and the current dressing rooms situated on the south side. Gattis said that these changes would allow the new construction of the lobby and dressing rooms to blend with existing buildings on campus.

“The expanded lobby area would serve as a hospitality room inside the gym. The concession stand would also be larger and have more storage that is easier to access to the workers.”

Gattis said that the plans also allow for more, larger restrooms to be built including restrooms that are handicap accessible. The new addition to the south side of the building will consist of boys’ and girls’ visitor dressing rooms with showers.

“We are seeing more female referees so we would also include separate dressing rooms for our referees to accommodate both men and female which currently we cannot do.”

New bleachers would also be added with approximately 300 seats with backrests.

“There will be additional seating section added to the west end of the gym underneath the basket,” said Gattis.” “This will allow for an additional 100 seats.”

Adding in the new west end seating will allow for a seating capacity increase from around 1,050 to 1,150 seats.

Gattis said that the renovation plan also allows for all new interior paint, the installation of six new basketball goals, backboards and frames, modernizing the paneling above the block walls, refinishing the existing hardwood, redoing all the existing plumbing and wiring and adding in an air conditioning system.

“It would look like a completely new gym even though you are not spending the type of money brand new gym would cost.”

Gattis said that by keeping the existing gym building and just proposing a complete interior renovation, the district would be spending approximately half the cost of constructing a new gym from the ground up and still gain all the benefits of a newly constructed facility.

“Even though it’s an older building it will have all new plumbing and electrical and would look and feel like a completely new gym even though you are not spending the type of money a brand new gym would cost.”

Gattis said the extension request would be extended through 2044, which is 13 years beyond the current commitment of 2031. This extension would consist of a $4,930,000 refunding and construction bond issue which will provide approximately $2,990,000 to reimburse the district’s bonds dated October 1, 2012.

It would also produce around $1.8 million for renovating, remodeling, and equipping the existing gymnasium; and constructing, refurbishing, remodeling and providing other school facilities.

“We do not have any other projects that are currently on the table for the school district, so we feel now is a good time for the gym renovation.”

The projected start date of construction would be March 2020 with completion in September of 2020. If you have any questions, you can contact Taylor Gattis at 479-635-2222 to set up an appointment to discuss.