Logan County Judge Ray Gack announced that a dedication ceremony will be held on May 22 at 10 a.m. for the opening of the new Logan County Jail. The current Logan County Jail is being replaced to improve efficiency and safety for officers and inmates. The existing facility was built in the 1980s and has failed several state inspections and has been cited numerous times for violating jail standards. Tours of the new facility will be offered to the public on May 13-17 during the hours of 2 p.m.-6 p.m. Judge Ray Gack said he welcomes all Logan County residents to take a tour, look at the facility and ask any questions they may have concerning the new jail. Passage of two halfcent sales taxes in July of 2016 — with 71 percent approval — is providing funding to build and maintain the jail. “We invite the public to come look around and see exactly what their sales tax increase was used for. I truly feel the public will be impressed with the jail and all that it has to offer for the inmates and the officers.” Logan County Sheriff iff Jason Massey said that the new Logan County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center is a well-built and safe facility for the inmates and the officers. “We are very proud of the building and yet humbled for the overwhelming support given by the citizens of Logan County. We will take care of the inmates and the facility to the best of our abilities. We are also focused on continuous training for all of our staff.” Massey said that he is blessed to move into the amazing facility such a short time after being elected as the new sheriff. “Former Sheriff Boyd Hicks and our County Judge, Ray Gack, worked hard to bring this facility into reality. This facility will mean a safer environment for our staff and inmates and is also a major morale boost for the Sheriff’s Office.” Sheriff Massey said that discussions are underway with the Logan County Quorum Court on adding more detention officers and adding a maintenance officer. “We will address this issue at the May meeting. When we move into the facility, we will gradually increase the number of inmates and see how this will correspond to what the number of detention officers can handle.” If the LCSO feels more detention officers are needed to open the full number of beds, then the discussion will be readdressed with the Quorum Court since they are the legislative body for the county and have control of the budget according to Massey. “We also have to monitor our budget closely and see how much it will cost. We increased our detention budget this year, but it is only speculative until we see the utility bills, food bills, service bills, etc. We will work closely with the Jail Committee of the Quorum Court throughout this year on the budget.” The new Logan County jail is located on Lowder Street in Paris. Besides serving as a detention center for prisoners, the new detention center will include offices for the Logan County Sheriff ’s Office and a courtroom and the cells also allow complete separation of genders which the current jail does not have the space to provide. Massey said his favorite room is the Rick Lowe Training Room complete with a smart board. “We’ll be able to do our own classes, have our squad and jail meetings. We don’t have a place for those right that.”