County Line’s Science Olympiad team will be headed to Cornell in New York on May 29 to compete at Nationals.

On February 23, County Line Division B team placed first in the NWA Science Olympiad Regional tournament held at Northwest Arkansas Community College which allowed the team to compete at the Arkansas State Science Olympiad tournament at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock on April 6 where they took second place.

Science Olympiad Coach Sara Porterfield said that there was only a two point difference between County Line and the first place team, so when the first place team was unable to attend Nationals, County Line was automatically eligible to compete.

“County Line Division B team received the invitation to attend in their place. We will leave on May 29 and return on June 4.”

Porterfield said that each team can have up to 15 members with students working in groups of two-three team members for each event.

“Events can be build, study or lab in a variety of science topics,” said Porterfield.

Many of the Science Olympiad students said that they chose their projects based on what field they would like to continue their education in, or what subjects interested them the most.

County Line student Sunshine Xiong said, “One of my projects is Anatomy and Physiology where we learn about three spefic systems including their organs, how they work and diseases.”

Xiong, along with her teammate Hallie Valliquette placed third at State for their Anatomy and Physiology project.

Student Noah Gattis said that his project is based on background knowledge. Gattis said that he studies weather patterns, along with cloud charts where he is then tested over the information.

The team held a fundraiser where students waited tables at Stockyards with all tips supporting their travel expenses.

Porterfield said that Science Olympiad requires a dedication and commitment on each of the students part and that she couldn’t be more proud of her students for the effort that they have put forth this year.

“My students have worked extremely hard this year. They have attended tutoring sessions on Saturdays at the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Smith, they meet and study after school weekly (sometimes 3-4 days a week) as well as at home on their own time.”

Porterfield said she is looking forward to traveling to Cornell and watching her students compete at the national competition.

If you would like to make a donation to help support the team at Nationals, you may contact County Line School at 479-635-2441.