As the flood waters to continue to rise, more highways and road areas in Logan County are being closed.

Logan County Sheriff Massey said that Highway 309 south of Roseville is closed due to water over the roadway near Okane.

The county made the decision to close the Paris Bottoms as a precaution by the direction of the Corp of Engineers.

“Members of the Levee Board have checked the levee and there are NO breaches at this time. There is some water seepage but no breaches,” said Massey.

The LCSO is making all sight-seers turnaround and asking that nobody moves or drives around the barricades.

Massey said, “if the levee were to breach, the Bottoms would fill quickly and you could be trapped.”

Logan County Judge Ray Gack has issued a Civil Danger Warning for Logan County residents regarding the closed areas in the county including Mclean Bottoms, portions of North Highway 309, Cottontown Rd., and Kalamazoo Road.

According to the LCSO, the Arkansas River bridge on Hwy 109 between Scranton and Clarksville is still open at this time, but Sheriff Massey said that he thinks that it is only a matter of time before the bridge will be closed.

“I listened in on the state emergency phone briefing and they said it is worse than they thought and they now have no historical standards to measure at this point. It is only hypothetical opinions. Plus, more rain is coming.”

Franklin County Judge Rickey Bowman said that he is estimating that Hwy 23 will be closed at that point sometime around midnight tonight.

“This is my personal estimate and not from the state. It will be closed at some point for sure, though. So I recommend everyone to make preparations,” said Bowman.

Logan County Judge Ray Gack also wants to remind residents that no persons are allowed in the closed areas and that driving into the flooded areas is putting your life in danger.