The County Line Science Olympiad Team traveled to Cornell University in New York on May 29 after earning a place to compete at Nationals.

The County Line team finished in second place at State, but after the first place team declining to compete, County Line team was asked to compete at the national level.

The 15 Science Olympiad team members meet with their coach several days a week after school and on weekends as they master up to four different events. The team is coached by science teacher Sara Porterfield.

Team members include Clayton Foley, Ben Newborn, Jack Gerrard, Emma Kuykendall, Joseph Scarborough, Quinn Corp, Alex Corp, Sam Rytting, Ethan Bennett, Brayden Stengel, Braden Shotzman, Kirstyn Tyner, Jaiden Horton, Bethany Stewart, Sunshine Xiong and Coach Sara Porterfield.

The fifteen students competed in 23 different events on teams that included everything from lab process events, designing a roller coaster, fossil and reptile identification, building a battery buggy, identifying body systems, building a Boomileverto, to coding a video game.

Even though the team did not place in the top ten, it was still a life changer that was filled with new experiences which ultimately created new techniques and skills for the new school year.

One student said that they learned from going to Nationals that they needed to hard harder.

“And going forward we need to study more to be more prepared.”

But County Line did not have as much time as others schools to prepare their projects and to study for competitions since they were asked to participate at a much later time than the other teams said, Joseph Scarborough.

Team member Kirstyn Tyner said, “Most of the other teams had been to Nationals before so they knew what to expect and even if they didn’t have more time than us to before, they were probably more able to ask teams from previous years they competed with what to expect.”

The team said they are ready to take what they learned at Nationals to focus on new team projects this summer and be prepared for the next year.

It just shows you the impact the experience has on our students just being able to attend Nationals,” said Coach Sarah Porterfield.

The students were able to do some sightseeing while in New York, including visiting the Museum of Earth and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Coach Sara Porterfield and her team wanted to thank the community for the support and help to attend Nationals.