TOPS Club was organized in Paris in the late 1960s and has continuously met in Educational building at Church of Christ.

TOPS meaning "Take Off Pounds Sensibly," and is a group which meets each Monday morning at 9:15 for a weekly weigh in. From 10:00-10:30 a.m., there is a business meeting.

There are many incentives built into the program to help a person obtain a desirable weight. The goal is to learn how to eat healthily and do more exercise. The club also supports community projects.

From time to time, the club will do fun projects related to goals. Last week the project was to decorate a hat with objects pertaining to TOPS or KOPS. Pictured left to right is:

Bernadine Reeds, her hat had flowers. One was a rose that indicated the biggest loser, TOPS, and KOPS pledge the entire brim was filled with charms she had won at state and local level. Ola Moore decorated with flowers, promoting snacks of nuts, bananas, and ceramic dolls exercising. Jane Phillips; Philliss Brown chose a sombrero and decorated it with different slogans and pictures from TOPS magazines; Katie Kennison; Jo Ann Stinnett; Alice Looney; Barbra Gills has moved into the KOPS and her visor says KOPS forever.; (Not pictured) Jackie Ryburn, Margarit Enns, Joyce Dunlap and Jewell White. The club welcomes all new members.