The Paris School District Board approved the hire of two new principals.

Lakaen Schluterman was hired to become the new principal at Paris Elementary. She is currently the assistant principal at the Paris Elementary, where she has served for two years. Prior to her assistant principal role, Schluterman served as a teacher at Paris Elementary for five years. Schluterman will take over for Alan Anderson who resigned at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

Schluterman said that her goal was to always advance in her career and as the assistant principal, she took on extra responsibilities to prepare her for the role of principal if the position was ever an option.

“The timing came sooner than I had ever imagined, but I felt that I had worked hard in the assistant role and with the extra responsibilities I took on prepared me for the principal role.”

When hired as assistant principal, Schluterman’s focus was curriculum and she stated that her primary focus would continue to be on curriculum and finding programs and ways to educate better and instruct the students of Paris Elementary.

Brad Pearson of Clarksville was hired as the new assistant principal at Paris Elementary to fill Schluterman’s assistant principal role. He has worked in education and coaching for 17 years. He has a Masters in Education Administration from Harding University.

“It was good blessings and timing that it worked out and brought me to where I am,” said Pearson.

While Schluterman will focus on the curriculum aspect, Pearson’s focus will be on discipline.

Other changes at Paris Elementary School include Courtney Wilkerson teaching kindergarten, Jessie McGarrah teaching second grade, Hannah Schluterman teaching first grade, Chrissy Schluterman teaching fourth grade, Sharon Smith teaching third grade, Dana Taylor is the new Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator and Debbie Thomas is subbing and helping with dyslexia screeners.

In addition, the Paris School District Board approved the hiring of Chrystal Duncan as a Paris Middle School teacher, Jessica Beshears as a Paris Middle School teacher and Jeremy Drymon as the new Paris Middle School Band and Assistant Band Director.