Heading out to engage in physical activity is often easier for people when they can join with others in groups or classes and support and motivate each other. By engaging communities in physical activity, people share knowledge about the benefits of physical activity, develop awareness about opportunities to be physically active and overcome barriers and negative attitudes that may exist about exercise.

Britt and Laura Bauer of Paris is hoping to provide this same logic with the opening of their new gym, LoCo Fitness.

LoCo Fitness was created to provide the community of Paris with the option to live a healthy lifestyle for its residents.

“We have felt for some time that Paris and the surrounding area would be a great place to open a fitness center. Our objective will be different than anything Paris has seen,” said Britt.

The name LoCo Fitness originated from a conversation that Britt and Laura had years ago about starting a fitness center. The goal is to make the community crazy about their own fitness journey, which ties in with the slogan, “My fitness family is LoCo!”

“The reason we should workout is to create a better and longer quality of life for body movements. Our mission is to be fitter, healthier and happier. We feel that our goal is to help our fitness family grow in each area.”

LoCo Fitness will be designating half of the new facility just for women to provide a safe, clean and intimidating-free place to work out. Britt and Laura will be offering 24-hour access with the use of a key fob or smartphone app.

“We are currently in the process of designing coach-led classes at various intervals, including classes in Zumba, Yoga and other classes such as Barre Ball, Kettlebells and boot camps.”

Britt and Laura would also like to include childcare during certain hours to allow parents to workout without the added stress and where to leave the children.

“We are also including a kids’ room that will be available at all times for children who are old enough to be left unsupervised in the room, but the overall goal is to provide supervised childcare during classes for those with younger children.”

LoCo Fitness equipment will include high-quality cardio machines such as treadmills, bikes, rowers and arc trainers, as well as various other equipment including glute-ham developers. There will also be a large variety of dumbells, kettlebells, Bosu ball and bands. Workouts will include Olympic style lift, which will focus on core stability.

Britt said that LoCo Fitness will also be partnering with a pre-cooked, frozen meal company to offer quick and healthy meal options.

“We have talked with a couple different companies including Clean Cookin’ and Healthy Food Co. and we hope to pin down our selection soon.”

At the present time, LoCo Fitness will not be offering tanning services or CrossFit, but the Bauer’s are looking to move in that direction to provide more services for members.

LoCo Fitness is currently under construction and completion should be done early fall.