Shawn Bates, a lifelong resident and business owner of Logan County, is running for State House District 74. Bates has been a small business owner for 18 years, and a second-generation stonemason working in the field since he was ten. Bates' father, Robert Poole, has been a business owner in Logan County for 45 years.

 Bates plans to run as a Republican, with a platform of bringing jobs to the area, increase trade school enrollment, and represent working men and women in the state government.

 Bates knows what it takes for working people to survive, as he has had his life struggles. Bates was a single parent living paycheck to paycheck for eight years, and he wants to fight for the working people.

 Bates said that jobs unify all humanity, and he is running to bring back jobs for people left behind.

"My main focus as Representative will be to help working people get ahead, and have access to better jobs."

 Bates said that Curtis Varnell and Jon Eubanks have all been good friends of his for years, and he hopes that the race for House does not disrupt that friendship.

 "This is more than politics," said Bates. "This is about representing actual constituents and working families. We need to put them at the forefront, along with our conservative values."

 Bates is 46 years old, with four kids, Devin, Isiah, Braydon, and Makayla. Shawn has volunteered at the boys and girls club for 15 years