23-year-old Devin Mullen of Paris, Arkansas, was arrested after police say he vandalized several areas in Booneville. Vandalized included graffiti symbols that supported white supremacy. According to the Booneville Police Department, the side of a business in the downtown Booneville area was vandalized in late September. The graffiti included what appears to be ‘SS Bolts’ and a swastika.

 Booneville PD Sergeant Smith, noticed several spots on 1st Street in Booneville had also been vandalized with graffiti. On September 26, Booneville police were notified of similar graffiti that had been painted at the park in downtown Booneville. At this point, the police had not been able to locate any suspects.

 On Friday, October 4, around 10:30 a.m., the Logan County Sheriff’s Office was notified regarding a gunshot victim at Mercy Hospital in Booneville. Sheriff Jason Massey said that the Logan County Sheriff’s Office investigators determined that the incident happened at a residence on West Powell Street in Magazine where blood evidence was found.

 “Through our investigation, we found that several witnesses saw the incident, but no one called law enforcement and none of them was at the scene when we arrived in the area. After processing the scene and locating witnesses and suspects, it is alleged that this incident began as a physical altercation between Devin Mullen, 23, of Paris and Justin Jones, 33, of Magazine, neither of whom live at the address.”

 Mullen is alleged to have had a metal baton and Jones is alleged to have had a firearm. During the altercation, the firearm was discharged and struck the female victim. Jones and Mullen have been arrested and the weapons have been recovered.

 “There are multiple witnesses and suspect statements, so the investigators are continuing to pursue leads in the case. It is anticipated that a battery in the second-degree charge will be filed against Justin Jones and an aggravated assault charge will be filed against Devin Mullen,” said Massey.

 Mullen was arrested at Mercy Hospital in Booneville on October 4, for a warrant with the Booneville Police Department.

 The Logan County Sheriff’s Office later questioned Mullen about the shooting in Magazine, Arkansas. While speaking with Logan County investigators, Mullen confessed to vandalizing the Booneville downtown area and businesses.

 Along with the aggravated assault charge in connection with the shooting, Mullen was charged with five counts of criminal mischief for the vandalism.