In Friday's league match, the visiting Waldron Bulldogs football squad scored a good 42-18 victory over the Subiaco Academy Trojans.

Senior Hayden Frederick scored one of the three Trojans touchdowns for the night, a Trojan intersection and had a total of 226 of the 300 total yards in the game, including 135 passing and 91 rushing yards.

Junior Payne Lee scored a touchdown for the Trojans and finished with 77 total yards, while Senior Mason Schluterman added 35 of the 300 yards and a touchdown for the Trojans.

Seniors Cory Schluterman and Conner Miller finished the night with ten tackles each including nine solo tackles for Schluterman and five solo tackles for Miller. Brandyn Brooks added 47 rushing yards and two receiving yards and two tackles for the night.

The Trojans (2-5) will now prepare for their match against Dardanelle. The Sand Lizards enter the 4A Region 4 match with a 6-1 record. In their last game, Dardanelle ran past Dover (Dover, AR), 58-0, in a league match.