The Paris Express is moving – right up the road.

The new Paris Express office will be located at 20 N. Express Street in Paris, across from the Logan County Courthouse, just two blocks from its current location.

“It’s an ideal location for the newspaper for many reasons. It is located directly on the downtown square with available access to the courthouse and city hall and it is right on the square,” said Senior Group Publisher R.J. Benner. “One main goal was to continue to be centrally located in Paris for the convenience of our customers. We enjoy being downtown, where a majority of the town events take place.”

The current location at 22 S. Express St., requires many updates and improvements that cannot be finished while occupied.

“We are looking into grants for historic buildings. Currently, the building needs a new roof and many improvements. The building is also too large for what we need for the paper since we no longer print our paper onsite.”

The new location, which used to be Lulu’s, is getting a fresh coat of paint and modern furniture. Along with the new site, the Paris Express is also acquiring a new logo.

“We feel this new location will be great for morale for the entire staff and that if we wanted to make any other changes for the progression of the paper, now was the time.”

The Paris Express will be open at the new location on Monday, November 4, at 8 a.m. The current office will close on Thursday, October 31, at 3 p.m. to participate in the Fall Fest on the square and then again at noon on Friday, November 1, to move all equipment to the new location. Due to the closures leading up to the move, there will also be an early deadline of Thursday, October 31, at 3 p.m for ads and articles for the November 6 issue of the Paris Express.

A re-grand opening will take place later in November where the community will be invited to attend and tour the new facility.