This past week was my first Halloween in Paris, and what a fantastic community effort it was to pull off the Fall Fest Around the Square. My staff had a great time handing out candy and taking in all the sights and sounds of the kids laughing and their fun costumes. A few of my favorites were a mermaid, the Titanic and a unicorn. My head is already turning with ideas for next year.

We officially opened the new office on Monday. Still working out a few kinks here and there, and still have a few pieces of furniture to buy, but for the most part, we are moved in and it's going great. I know that many of my readers are saddened by the thought of us leaving a building that has housed the paper for so many years, but hopefully, we can have all the work done that needs to be completed and we can move back. Our new building is an entirely different style and feel, but sometimes you need to reinvent yourself to change, grow and evolve. We are looking forward to making new memories with our readers in our new office. So stop by, look around and grab a cup of coffee.