The preferential party filing period that wrapped up last Tuesday generated three justice of the peace races, including one with three candidates, a race for State Representative that won’t be settled until November, and at least one other surprise.

The surprise came in a constable race for Short Mount where John Paul Wells filed as a Republican.

Wells served three terms as a State Representative as a Democrat and twice lost races for the Arkansas Senate as a Democrat.

The party choice for Wells will have no bearing on the race as he is the only candidate.

A State Representative race was already in the works with three Republicans — incumbent Rep. Jon Eubanks, Curtis Varnell and Shawn Bates — vying for the position, but on the final day of filing, Paris attorney June Anteski filed in the race as a Democrat.

In JP District 9, which is located south of Booneville, incumbent Gerald Hodgson, an Independent, drew a last day Independent opponent in Kevin Kimbrell.

Philip Blankenship had filed as a Republican the preceding Friday.

The race will not appear on a ballot until the General Election in November.

Republican ballots in JP District 3 will have a race to decide in March as incumbent Aaron Chastain has drawn opposition from Mike Schluterman, who has previously held the seat.

A third race will be decided in November as incumbent Joyce Koch, a Democrat, is being challenged by independent Tom L. Johns.

The remaining eight incumbent JPs all filed and are unopposed. They are Charles Sparks in District 1, Lindell Parsons in District 2, John K. O’Brien in District 5, Charles Pearson in District 6, Bob Krepps in District 7, James D. Stone in District 8, Jeannie Andrews in District 10, and Dottie Williams in District 11.

Sparks, Parsons and Pearson are running as Republicans. Andrews and Williams are running as Democrats. O’Brien, Krepps, and Stone are running as independents.

Incumbent constables Kean Cunningham in Barber, Michael Huber in Ellsworth, and James Mashek in Delaware also filed and are unopposed. Cunningham filed as an independent and Huber and Mashek field as Republicans.

Incumbent James Eric Jones was also the only candidate to file for the Booneville School Board. Jones filed as an independent.

Carolyn Rhinehart filed as a write-in candidate for the Scranton School Board.