The Paris Express will celebrate 140 years in the news industry during the year 2020.

The first official issue of the Paris Express was not published until March 28, 1880, with J.T. Perryman as publisher and W.H.H. Harley as an editor. Still, the Paris Express wanted to take the year to celebrate the accomplishments that have been documented.

“As we celebrate 140 years, it is truly gratifying to be the editor succeeding so many others before me who played such a significant role in the company’s success,” said Paris Express Editor Miranda Holman.

The Paris Express had a sister paper called the Paris Progress. The Progress was launched in 1910 with J.W. Wagner as owner and editor. The Paris Express and the Paris Progress were combined into a bi-weekly bearing the name of Paris Express/Progress in January 1977 and on May 17, 1989, the bi-weekly Paris Express/Progress combined into a “super” weekly issue called the Paris Express.

“I am honored to have been part of a newspaper operation that holds so much history and community essence, work with our customers and help advance our efforts in the industry and to have the opportunity to serve Logan County.”

Part of the mentality of the Paris Express is reaching out to its customers and the communities of Logan County and showcasing not only the news but the stories of the individuals that make Paris and North Logan County the great area that it is.

“I don’t think that in 1880 the founder of the Express would have imagined that 140 years later that the Express would still be providing news for the area. It is a huge accomplishment in itself.”

The Paris Express has gone through many changes in the past 140 years, but the integrity of the paper has always been the main focus.

“As we enter in 2020, journalism is as important as ever. As our industry continues to adapt and change, one element that continues to stand the test of time is our local support. For 140 years, we have delivered the news to the fine residents of Paris and surrounding areas. Sometimes we have been able to be cheerleaders of the positive, while other times the bearers of the bad,” said Senior Group Publisher R.J. Benner.

“While the stories we report change and the ways to consume it evolves, we have always been, and will continue to be the truthseekers, the bastions, and the beacons for our communities.”

The Paris Express staff will continue to uphold the traditions of the newspaper and showcase the remarkable communities and people that make Logan County the wonderful place it is.