One-hundred-year-old Paris resident, Mabel Sherpa, had one wish for Christmas, to go home.

In October, Mabel took a fall, which resulted in a broken leg. Unable to care for herself since she lived alone, Mabel was given the option of rehabilitation at Paris Nursing and Rehab.

 “When Mabel arrived and we met to go over her rehab plan of care, the one goal she wanted to meet was to walk out of this place and to be home in time for Christmas,” said PTA Jennifer Williams. “She came straight here from surgery and she couldn’t walk by herself, but I told her I would be there for her and I would help walk her out of this place.”

 According to a new study, a fracture is the starting point for much broader health issues and half of nursing home residents who have a leg or hip fracture either die or lose the ability to walk on their own in the six months after the injury. But Paris Health and Rehab employee Trish Jennings said it was Mabel’s determination that allowed her to not only be home in time for Christmas, but to walk out of the faculty.

 Mabel was determined to beat those odds and on Friday, December 20, Mabel not only left Paris Health and Rehab, but walked out the doors.

 “Our therapy department is hugely successful, but a lot of it comes from the patient. They have to have the want to do it and Mabel came in with a want to. To have someone that age accomplish their goal is very rare and it is remarkable when it happens. During my career in healthcare, I have only witnessed three older patients who have rehabbed out and when it happens, it needs to be celebrated.”

 Proud and blessed is how Paris Health and Rehab Director Jaclyn Hughes feels about this accomplishment for their faculty.

 “We have to encourage the residents to want to do it and remind them of the bigger picture. For every little milestone that they do, we celebrate that,” said Hughes. ”What might be a little milestone for a regular person is a huge step for someone who is compromised. They come to the faculty in a wheelchair and they walk out less than three months later. That is an amazing accomplishment”

 But it was the sheer pride and joy on Mabel’s face that told the real story as she walked down the hall and out the front doors. Not before stopping to say goodbye to everyone and to thank them for all their work in making her Christmas wish come true.