The Logan County Sheriff's Office was notified on Wednesday, January 30, that a man wearing camouflage, carrying a shotgun, was knocking on a Hwy 309 residence door demanding keys to a vehicle. According to Sheriff Massey, the suspect was gone by the time the officers arrived on scene.

While searching the area, Deputy Michael Huber found a white GMC pick-up truck nearby parked in the middle of Fifth Street Loop. The vehicle contained a case with six guns inside. Massey said the vehicle and weapons were seized.

Later that day, the Logan County Sheriff's Office received another call of a man wearing camouflage clothing banging on the door of a house on South Kalamazoo Road just outside of Paris. The Sheriff's Office and Paris Police Department responded to the call and upon arrival found Dwayne Keenan, 33, of Paris, at the house.

"He appeared under the influence of drugs. A prescription amphetamine pill, which is a Schedule 2 controlled substance, was found on him," said Massey.

Keenan was arrested and transported to the Logan County Detention Center, where he was charged with criminal trespass and possession of a controlled substance.

On Thursday, January 31, the Paris Police Department was notified about a man sleeping in a dumpster at the Dollar Tree who appeared to be carrying a gun. Paris Police Chief John O'Brien stopped the man down the street near the Dollar General.

The man, dressed in camouflage, was carrying a bag that contained a fake, plastic assault rifle. The man, identified as Johnny Lee Reams, Jr., 32, of Clarksville, was confused and said he was looking for his white GMC truck. While looking for his vehicle, he had been sleeping in dumpsters.

Chief O'Brien notified Sheriff Massey due to the GMC truck found on Fifth Street Loop. Reams was taken to the Sheriff's Office, where Lt. Kieth Lunsford Johnny interviewed him. Reams admitted that he borrowed the vehicle in Clarksville and drove to the Paris area before running out of gas. Reams also revealed that he approached a residence where an elderly couple resided to ask for a ride.

Reams was arrested and charged with attempted aggravated robbery and theft by receiving and is incarcerated at the Logan County Detention Center.

Sheriff Massey said that Logan County is working with the Johnson County Sheriff's Office in regards to the truck and guns.