Arkansas' 2020 Democratic and Republican early voting will start on Monday, Feb. 17, primaries will be held March 3 and a primary runoff is scheduled for March 31, kicking off a momentous year in politics.

 Voters will see three Republican candidates on the primary ballot, including current District 74 State Representative Jon Eubanks, who is running against Shawn Bates and Curtis Varnell.

Jon Eubanks and his wife have owned and operated a farm for over 40 years and know how important hard work and common sense are to be successful.

 "At the Capitol, I work hard to protect our individual liberties and to continue moving Arkansas forward to make it the best possible place to live, work, do business and raise a family. I am grateful for the opportunity to put my experience to work in Little Rock."

 Eubanks, who is in his fifth term as State Rep., said that his experience, seniority and leadership would benefit the voters of District 74 by giving them a representative more involved in the decision making process.

 "My decision to run was at the encouragement of friends and colleagues, including Senator Stubblefield. I consulted with constituents across the district before making a final decision and I feel I have received a confirmation of that decision by the responses I have received while traveling the district. Many have thanked me for not retiring and the financial support within the district has been humbling."

 Eubanks supports:


2nd Amendment rights

Education and workforce training

Economic development by continued tax reform, less regulation and spending restraint

Advancements in mental health services for adults and school-based mental health services

 "I believe that family is the most important institution in society and legislation should reflect that whenever possible, by protecting and supporting the family unit."

 Eubanks said that he feels current issues that are pressing include mental health and the opioid epidemic; rural broadband; education (early childhood, K-12, workforce training); economic development (infrastructure improvements, tax reform, red tape reduction) and healthcare (rural access and affordability).

 Shawn Bates, of Paris, is also a Republican candidate for the 2020 State Representative for District 74. Shawn Bates understands the value of putting working people at the forefront of political change.

 Bates wants to see more money from the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship to be in the hands of students and he is willing to fight to make that happen.

 Bates supports:

 Eliminating taxes on used cars and food

Economic growth

2nd Amendment rights


 Bates said that his number one focus is bringing jobs back to our area by creating valuable incentives for companies and new businesses that are looking to create growth.

 "Without jobs, we cannot survive. We need to get jobs back for our community. By eliminating taxes on used cars and food, we can help to avoid burdens on working people."

 Bates is also a strong second amendment supporter and will stand against any attempt to disarm law-abiding citizens, including the disastrous red flag laws. Bates also promises to promote pro-life as a representative in the house.

 "I would like to thank the people of District 74 for their enthusiasm for this election and all of their interest in his campaign. I would also like to thank my opponents and no matter the outcome, we will remain friends."

 Curtis Varnell is the final Republican candidate on the 2020 primary ballot.

 Varnell, Logan County native, is a family man who has devoted his life to the children in the community. He is a man with a commitment to this region and the courage to stand up for you.

 Varnell said that he has a voice that will demand the state to make the same commitment to our area as they have in other regions.

 Varnell supports:

Term limits

2nd Amendment rights

Family values

Rights for home health and senior citizens

Increased vocational education

 Born and raised in Logan County, Varnell has worked at jobs ranging from farming to manufacturing.

 "I know the people of this region; I know the frustrations of our area; few jobs, low pay, drug abuse and decreasing population, but I also know the potential that we have and how to help us achieve that potential."

 Varnell said that he has the training and ability to write legislation, to work with disparate groups and to speak out and even demand your rights in the legislature.

 "I have forty years of preparation to represent in Little Rock adequately."

 Varnell cares about the families and individuals that live in the area and is concerned about the future due to the declining population, the degree of poverty experienced in the area and the rise of crime.

 "Instead of looking at these negatives, we need a new vision of what we can become. I feel I am a voice and leader for these changes. I have the background and ability to implement change and a plan of action to implement these changes."

Varnell said he has already begun work to increase vocational training for our school kids and to expand that to young families who need the training to get decent jobs. He also is implementing a plan to increase retired veterans in our region.

"One hundred of these individuals moving into our region is equal to a large industrial site and they are good neighbors. I want to increase home health care and aid to our senior citizen centers. Helping the elderly remain in their homes and communities is a positive for the elderly and huge savings for our governmental systems."

Varnell also believes in term limits.

"If two terms are sufficient for our president, it is sufficient for our state senators and representatives. Too much time rubbing elbows in Little Rock creates a situation where the person represents special interests and forgets the working guy back home."

Varnell said he would be a full-time representative, one who will answer your calls and one you can visit in the business you frequent in town.

 Logan County will not see Democrat candidates on the primary ballot due to only one candidate in the running.

 Democrat Candidate, June Anteski, said that even though she will not be on the primary ballot, she still wants voters to be informed on where she stands on current issues.

 Anteski, is not an Arkansas native, but she is the daughter of an Arkansasan and feels passionate about helping to promote a better way of living for Arkansas residents.

 "As a lawyer, I spend my life helping people and if elected, I will have the opportunity to not only help my clients but help the whole region."

 Anteski is proud to represent the female gender in the 2020 State Representative election.

 "I believe I am the first female candidate to ever run for District 74 State Representative. I am glad I am breaking that cycle, but in reality, it should have happened 30 years ago."

 Anteski supports:

Economic growth for more jobs

Insulin caps

Affordable daycare

Increased vocational education

Fighting climate change

Sustainable solutions

 Anteski said that she is dedicated to bringing good-paying jobs to the area.

 "I know that working families need affordable daycare and that our children when they graduate from high school, should have the skills they need to join the workforce and lead happy lives."

 Anteski would also work with constituents to promote obtaining G.E.D. 's and tutoring for E.S.L. Anteski has plans for a tree planting and wildflower project to help local farmers and fight climate change.

 "The Arkansas River Valley region has recently seen the growth of smart, sustainable solutions including new solar energy fields and I would like to continue that growth with windmills.

 Anteski will work to ensure that Logan, Franklin, Scott, and Sebastian counties aren't left behind and instead lead the way forward.

 The general election will be held on November 3, 2020.