The Paris Police Officer who was fired after he was accused of beating a man in custody has been arrested.

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, Christopher Brownlow turned himself in after a warrant for Battery in the Second Degree was issued for his arrest.

Paris Police Chief John O’Brien said that on the morning of Sept. 15 he received word that an incident at the Logan County Detention Center had taken place between an inmate and one of his officers.

According to the report, the inmate was arrested after a domestic call and taken to the Logan County Detention Center.

“I did a brief investigation that same day. Based on my preliminary investigation, I placed the officer on administrative leave, then contacted the Prosecuting Attorney and asked him to request the Arkansas State Police investigate the incident fully.”

Chief O’Brien said that after waiting several months and not hearing anything on the case, he terminated the officer’s employment on Jan. 6, 2020.

The arrest affidavit states that while the man was in custody, former officer Brownlow entered his cell, insisted that he must cuff the man to a chair and then kneed him in the face without warning for no apparent reason.

The man reportedly had seven fractures to his face and had surgery to put a titanium plate and screws implanted where Brownlow allegedly injured him, the report states.

Detention video that captured the incident was retained along with medical records that corroborated the witness and victim statements, according to the arrest warrant.

Logan County Sheriff Jason Massey said that he reviewed the video of the incident and notified Chief John O’Brien and then the Arkansas State Police.

“The Arkansas State Police investigated the incident and we turned our evidence over to them.”

Brownlow was released on a $5000.00 bond.

His court date is set for Mar. 13 in Logan County.