Deputies arrested four suspects in connection with a hire-to-rob in Logan County. Investigators say Preston Butler, 19, Korey Green, 29, and Hannah Williams, 19, all of Clarksville were hired by Diamond Weaver, 18, of Paris, to rob and scare two people in the Ratcliff area with whom he had a previous disagreement with. 

According to Logan County Sheriff Jason Massey, at approximately 1:10 a.m. on April 15, the Logan County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous call that a dark-colored car was parked at the River Valley Primary Care Clinic in Ratcliff. The unknown caller claimed that one of the individuals in the vehicle was asking about individuals who lived in the area while waving a gun in their face.

"Deputy Michael Huber and Deputy Charly Moua were dispatched and found the vehicle at the clinic with Butler, Green and Williams occupying the vehicle."

Upon inspection of the car, Huber and Moua found two handguns, masks, gloves, one body armor vest and a baseball bat in the vehicle. The three subjects were interviewed and transported to the Logan County Detention Center, where all three suspects claimed Weaver had hired them. After further investigation, it was revealed that the anonymous call came from Weaver, who may have gotten cold feet or thought the three suspects would turn around and rob.

"It is anticipated that all four subjects will be charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, a Class A felony, with Kory Green charged additionally with felon in possession of a firearm, a Class C felony, and with Preston Butler charged additionally with furnishing a firearm to a felon, a Class B felony."

Massey said that Weaver had a $75,000 bond, Green and Butler had $50,000 bonds, and Williams had a $40,000 bond. All four have bonded out. Logan County Sheriff's office is not currently releasing any more information since warrants have not been issued.

"They had a probable cause and bond hearing by phone the day after they were arrested and then bonded out. This is usual even before the virus. Since they are out on bond, there will not be a hearing until the warrants are drafted by the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, signed by a judge and then served on them."  

A first appearance hearing will be set after the warrant return is filed with the clerk's office.