Logan County has had its second recovery of coronavirus COVID-19 infection and participated in a testing surge last week.

The recovery was shown on an update of an Arkansas Department of Health website tracking virus-positive and negative tests, as well as recovery and death counts prior to Governor Asa Hutchinson’s daily update on the state’s response last Wednesday.

The recovery was one of 50 between Tuesday morning and Wednesday according to periodic updates of the site. At the time, that left a single active case in the county with 43 negative tests for Logan County.

On Thursday, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced plans for a testing blitz across the state and Dr. Nate Smith, the Secretary over the Department of Health indicated the state was not utilizing its full testing capacity.

Logan County then had 49 negative tests. By midday Friday, the number of negative tests had climbed to 54 and on Monday, there had been 69 negative tests.

Among bordering counties only Scott County has no active cases, but there have only been five negative tests taken in the county with the only person confirmed to have been infected considered recovered.

Sebastian County dropped to a single active case with ten recoveries before a 12th positive case was confirmed on Friday.

Franklin County’s only confirmed case was also active as of Monday and Yell County had one active case with two recoveries. Yell has had 123 negative tests.

The hardest-hit neighboring counties continue to be Johnson and Pope.

Pope County, by far, has had the most tests conducted with 1,394 negative results and 41 positives, 24 of which are classified as recovered.

Johnson County has seen 119 negative tests with 29 positives, 14 of which have recovered.

There have been no deaths in Logan or any bordering county.