McKendree cemetery is open for decoration. Donations

may be mailed to McKendree Cemetery, PO Box 484,

Scranton 72863. Donations may also be made at Logan

County Bank in Scranton or Subiaco.

Cedar Grove decoration is scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

Due to the coronavirus, there will be no service

or business meeting, but the public is encouraged to leave

flowers. Donations can be made at First Western Bank in

Caulksville under the Cedar Grove Cemetery account or

mailed to Cedar Grove Cemetery c/o Melba Gray, 268 Gray

Lane, Subiaco, Arkansas 72865.

Decoration at Ellsworth Cemetery is scheduled for May 17.

Following the rules of social distancing, the annual business

meeting will be held at 11 a.m. near the pavilion.

Corley Cemetery Decoration is scheduled for May 17,

with a brief business meeting at 11 a.m. following the

rules of social distancing. Donations can be mailed to Corley

Cemetery, C/O Linda Yarborough, 4155 Chigger Valley

Rd., Magazine Ar. 72943.