The family of Wayne Johnson, a retired local minister, is hoping the kindness of the community will shine in asking for help in celebrating his 93rd birthday.

 Beth Christensen posted on her Facebook telling friends that her father, who is turning 93, will be celebrating all by himself due to COVID-19 and she just wants his birthday on May 30 to be one filled with joy. She's asking the community to send him birthday cards to remind him that he is loved.

“My heart is breaking that we can’t be with him. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said ‘ kids don’t need to get me anything.....just send me a card,’ I’m asking anyone who knows him or is kin to him to please send a card next week.”

Christensen said she would love to flood his mailbox all week.

If you would like to send Mr. Johnson a birthday card, the address to do so is 1504 W Elizabeth, Paris, AR 72855.