Three members of Boy Scout Troop 41 in Paris are doing projects required to obtain the rank of Eagle at the Logan County Coal Miners Memorial and Museum and the Logan County Museum in Paris.

The projects are building split-rail fences at each location. The Scouts are Jonathan Malagon, Tom Johns and Andrew Burnett.

The project at the Logan County Museum in Paris is complete. Work on the split-rail fence at the Coal Miners Memorial and Museum will pick back up in June. About 100 feet of that fence is already in place.

Last week, Malagon, 17, talked about the work entailed in completing the 200-foot fence at the Logan County Museum. He said the planning and preparation took nearly a year.

"Planning took forever," he said. "Building the fence went fast and we worked on it on the weekends."

Work on that fence started in December and was completed in January. The fence runs along the back portion of the museum property.

But, a lot of work took place before the fence was ready to be put up.

The first step, according to Malagon’s father, Jose Malagon, was finding out what kind of projects needed to be done.

"We went to several community leaders to find out if there was something these Scouts could do for their project," Jose Malagon said.

Once that decision was made, the paperwork started.

The Scouts had to compile a list of donors for the projects, write a description of the project and how it would help the community, compile a list of materials, write how the project was to be accomplished and that work had to be approved by every level of the Scouting organization, from the local level up to the national level.

Jose Malagon said the Scouts are now awaiting approval from the national organization. Once that is secured and the projects are completed, a Court of Honor can be called at which the Scouts will be awarded the Eagle rank, the highest level a Scout can earn.

Jose Malagon thinks that will happen sometime this summer.

The Scouts obtained cedar logs, already cut, from Bob Core and his wife and Tommy Johns, father of Eagle candidate Tom Johns.

Andrew Burnett and his father Jim Burnett built the 100-foot, split rail fence at the Coal Miners Memorial and Museum. Another 200 feet will be added to that fence and Jonathan Malagon said all three Scouts and their fathers are supposed to help with that project.