The Paris School District and the County Line School District are reporting enrollment increases after one week of classes.

The 2013-14 school year began on Monday Aug. 19.

Paris School Superintendent Wayne Fawcett said the district has a current enrollment of 1,134, an increase of 12 students over the 1,122 enrolled at the end of the 2012-13 school year.

However, Fawcett said some of those enrolled haven’t yet shown up for class and may not.

"By the 11th day of school, according to state law, if an enrolled student hasn’t shown up for at least one day, then they have to be dropped," Fawcett said.

The 11th day of school is Tuesday, Sept. 3.

"Enrollment on the 11th day of school is far more accurate," Fawcett said."How many on the roll have shown up? That’s the question we keep asking during the first two weeks of school."

County Line School Superintendent Joan Jones said enrollment in her district was 453, a sight increase over the 446 enrolled at the end of the last school year in May.

"Every day, we’re getting in some new kids," she said. "The first week of school is always up and down. Our enrollment is up on the computer, but we don’t know how accurate that’s going to turn out being."

School districts have to report enrollment to the state on Oct. 1. That’s the number which will be used to calculate funding based on enrollment. Each student is worth $6,393 in state funds.

While the preliminary numbers show an increase, Fawcett said he’ll wait until the 11th day of school before declaring an enrollment increase with any measure of comfort.

"I think we’re going to be up," Fawcett said. "I’m going to be cautiously optimistic, but it’s too early to say."

Last week, Subiaco Academy Headmaster Matt Stengel reported an enrollment of 184 students. Also last week, St. Joseph Catholic School Principal Julie Rochester reported an enrollment of 58 students, a drop from an enrollment of around 80 students last year.

Scranton School Superintendent Dr. Jim Bridges reported an enrollment of 406 students, up from the 398 on hand at the end of the last school year.