A home on Schwartz Lane near Paris was destroyed by fire Saturday, according to Pairs Volunteer Fire Department Chief John Wells.

The property owners weren’t home at the time, Wells said.

The fire was started when a neighbor burned trash behind his house, Wells said. Dry conditions and gusty winds carried sparks from that fire to the grass. The grass caught fire and the wind drove it into the home, Wells said.

The fire was reported about 3:30 p.m. Saturday and Paris units were called to the scene to aid the Roseville Fire Department.

"The house was fully engulfed in flames when we got there," Wells said. "Roseville units called us for help before they got to the scene so our units were the first to arrive. Part of the house was sided with cedar, which caught fire. I can’t remember seeing a house catch fire that fast."

The house fire was reported shortly after Paris firemen returned to the station house from a residence on Wiggins Drive in Paris where they put out a grass fire, Wells said.

That fire began when a property owner was burning a stump. Wind drove sparks from that fire onto the grass, igniting it.

"The fire got to within three feet of the house and within one foot of a shed," Wells said. "We were able to get it quickly put out."

Wells also had words of caution about burning outdoors right now.

"When you have dry conditions and high winds, residents need to be very, very cautious about burning outside," Wells said. "In fact, they really shouldn’t be burning outside at all right now."

Dry and windy conditions also contributed to a another grass fire in Golden City Sunday, according to Dustin Krigbaum with the Arkansas Forestry Commission’s work center in Logan County.

A property owner was burning a brush fire when wind-blown sparks ignited the surrounding grass. Krigbaum said the fire burned five acres.

Krigbaum said dry grass, low humidity and high winds contributed to the fire.