The generosity of a Paris Wal-Mart employee turned a little girl’s tears into smiles on Thursday, Aug. 2.

Margaret Baker Robison brought her daughter Akira to Wal-Mart because she’s made a decision about how to spend the $140 she was given in June for her ninth birthday.

She’d decided on an I-pod. The latest version, I-pod 4, cost $175, but Akira’s mother had promised to cover the difference between the price and the $140.

Upon arriving at Wal-Mart, Akira needed to go into the rest room. However, when she came out, the $140 was no longer in her pocket.

"Her little eyes teared up and she told me she didn’t have the money," Robinson said.

Margaret Baker Robinson sought help from management in looking for the money. In-store video tapes were reviewed but there was nothing on them to show where the little girl dropped the money.

"We think she dropped it while she was in the bathroom," Robinson said. "There are no cameras in the bathroom by law. We looked, but the money wasn’t in there."

Meanwhile, Alex White, who has been employed at the store for four years, was helping cover the service desk that night. His regular post was in sporting goods. While at the service desk, he got word about little Akira’s plight.

And then, White did something selfless.

He left the store, went to his pickup truck in a pouring rain, retrieved his own I-pod, went back into the store and gave it to Akira.

"It was my only I-pod," White said last week. "I’m really no sure why I did it. I saw how heartbroken she was and figured she needed it more than I did. So, I went out in the rain and got it."

"That man went out in the rain and got that for Akira," Robinson said. "He went out into a storm to do that and it’s a new I-pod, too. It was an I-pod 4. This was a true act of kindness that made may day and my daughter’s."

Akira’s tears disappeared when White presented her with the I-pod.

"I got a hug," White said. "I got a big thank you. The next day, I got a big chocolate chip cookie from that little girl."

Robinson said her daughter is using the I-pod a lot and won’t likely forget one man with a "very kind heart."