The Grinch That Stole Christmas has delighted children, and adults, for decades. However, if you’re not careful, a real Grinch can steal your Christmas and no one will be delighted.

Last week, Paris Police Chief John O’Brien recently offered some tips to keep the Grinches of the world at bay this time of year.

"We have a problem with thefts but it’s not something that increases during the holiday season," O’Brien said. "These are just good prevention tips to use year round."

O’Brien started with use of social media.

"When you’re using social media, it’s never a good idea to announce when you’ll be away from the house or on vacation," O’Brien said. "I see it happen all the time.

"Another thing I’ve noticed a lot of, is that people buy items for gifts and put box on the curb side," O’Brien said. "When you do that, you’re announcing your purchase to the world. Cut the box up into pieces and put it into a garbage bag."

O’Brien also suggested that when you go shopping, put your purchases in the truck and lock the car.

Some vigilance can also help keep the grinch away from, not only your home, but the neighborhood, as well.

"Any time you see someone you don’t know riding a bike or walking through the neighborhood, call the police. If you see a strange vehicle going through the neighborhood, report it." O’Brien said. "If it doesn’t seem right it isn’t right. You’re not bothering us when you call us."

O’Brien also suggested recording all serial numbers on items purchased. It can help a lot with recovering stolen property.

"If the serial number is on a sticker, remove it," O"Brien said. "If the item is plastic, scratch a name, phone number and serial number on it. We’ve been able to recover stolen property because the owner sratched a name and number into the plastic."