The hunt for a parolee from the Arkansas Department of Corrections, suspected of possessing firearms, ended last Friday morning when he was arrested in his apartment on North Fifth Street, according to Paris Chief of Police John O’Brien.

Taken into custody and jailed at the Logan County Detention Center was Dennis R. Carlisle, 45. Carlisle was on parole from a conviction stemming from a home invasion, according to incident reports. Carlisle is awaiting a bond hearing and faces multiple criminal charges, which may be filed this week, according to 15th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney, Brian K. Mueller of Booneville.

Carisle is facing charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, aggravated assault, terroristic threatening, first degree battery and aggravated assault on a family member or household member. In addition to those, Carlisle will face charges stemming from an Aug. 5 incident in which he jumped from a moving vehicle and fled on foot from police.

"We hunted him for the rest of that week," O’Brien said."He called once and said he was going to give himself up but he never did."

On Friday, Aug. 9, the Paris Police Department got a call of a possible altercation taking place near the intersection of Fifth and Wood streets. Carlisle occupied an apartment at 702 North Fifth Street, O’Brien said.

After arriving on the scene, officers learned that one of the two individuals involved was Carlisle, O’Brien said. Police were told that Carlisle was seen entering his second floor apartment. Police knocked on the apartment door but got no answer, O’Brien said.

Police then called an Arkansas Probation and Parole officer, who was in Paris for a court hearing. That officer arrived at the building and ordered officers to kick in the door to Carlisle’s apartment. They did, found Carlisle and placed him under arrest.

"A Probation and Parole officer can enter a parolee’s residents in any manner at any time," O’Brien said.

Carlisle was being sought in connection with several reports by witnesses that he was seen in possession of a 9mm handgun in July and August, according to incident reports.

On July 11, the Paris Police Department received a report that Carlisle reportedly threatened to shoot two people after a disturbance was reported at Fifth Street and East Poindexter Street. On July 29, shots were reported being fired at 1:48 a.m. in the 700 block of North Fifth Street. A woman involved in the incident claims Carlisle threatened to kill her. On Aug. 2, a resident reported seeing Carlisle was carrying a handgun and chasing two men near North Express and Roseville streets.