The Logan County Quorum Court approved a very tight 2014 budget at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Dec. 9.

The budget calls for spending $9.8 million next year, the same amount of money the county spend this year.

Once again, there was no money in the budget for raises for county employees and County Judge Gus Young isn’t happy about that.

"I’m happy we got it done," Young said. "I’m disappointed we couldn’t give salary increases to employees who haven’t had a raise since 2009."

It is true that county employees haven’t had a pay increase since 2009. However, in two of the three years since then, employees got a one-time bonus of $1,000.

Asked if bonuses could be given in 2014, Young said, "That is to be determined."

Also, Quorum Court members found enough money to satisfy Sheriff Steve Smith’s request for four new county jailers. Smith asked for the jailers after a recent state inspection gave the sheriff one year to address over crowding and security concerns at the facility.

Funding the four new jailers raised the sheriff’s personnel budget to $443,400 next year from $309,600 this year.

A rollover of $57,130 into next year’s general fund is taking car of part of the increase. The rest of it comes from rural fire departments, senior citizens centers in Paris and Booneville and Boys and Girls Clubs in Paris and Booneville.

"The rural fire departments were cut to the amount of money the county pays to insure their equipment, vehicles and buildings," Young said. "The same applies to senior citizens centers. The Boys and Girls Club were de-funded. In 2013, they got $1640 and split it."