At the May 30 meeting of the Logan County Library Board, County Judge Gus Young said that when items were recently removed from the Gattis-Logan County Library collection, he should have been informed beforehand because the items were owned by the county.

Last week, Young reversed himself saying the items are actually owned by the library and the board didn’t have to inform him in advance.

"I was informed in a conversation with the Arkansas Association of Counties that since the board is classified as an Administrative Board," Young said, "the property belongs to the board and not to the county. They can dispose of property they own without notifying me, according to the AAC."

Libraries routinely remove items from their collection in a process called "weeding."

Young also said that since the board is an Administrative Board, the county’s role is limited to two functions.

"Our role is to collect and distribute funds to the library board," Young said.

Libraries in Logan County are funded by a 1.9-mill property tax that was approved by voters. According to Logan County Treasurer Mickey Oates, that tax brought in $455,849.27 in 2012 and $465,226.92 in 2011.

Young has also said the board is getting ready to conduct a $274,000 interior renovation project and he didn’t find out about it until a contract was presented for his signature in May.

However, Young said last week that because the board is an Administrative Board, it is under no legal obligation to notify him before a decision like that is made. Logan County owns the building on Academy Street that houses the library. Young is an ex-officio member of the library board.

Young said that in both cases he should have been informed.