A public auction for the sale of tax delinquent land in Logan County will be held at the Logan County Courthouse in Paris on Thursday, April 3, at 10a.m., according to John Thurston, Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands.

Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m.

Recent legislation has affected the procedures for the sale of tax delinquent properties and purchasers should take the time to review the changes prior to the auction dates. The Commissioner of State Lands provides a Catalog of Tax Delinquent Lands which contains the current statutes governing the sales, auction dates, times, location and other pertinent information regarding parcels being offered.

The catalog can be found on the Commissioner’s website at www.cosl.org or is available in print form by mail.

"Properties at auction no longer have a minimum bid of the assessed value of the property." Thurston said. "Bidding begins at the amount of taxes and fees that are due."

The redemption period has also changed. Owners of properties sold at auction now have 10 days to redeem the property following the sale. Delinquent property owners may call the office at 501-324-9422 to request a Petition to Redeem, or they may look up the delinquent parcel on the COSL website and print it from there.