After budget committee meetings were held last week and Tuesday, Paris Mayor Daniel Rogers is hopeful the Paris City Council will pass a budget when its regular monthly meeting is held on Monday, Dec. 2 at the Municipal Building.

As initially proposed, the budget forecasts $7.063 million in revenues and anticipates $7.039 million in expenses for a surplus of $23,596.

However, aldermen have added some items to the expense side of the ledger in those budget committee meetings. According to Rogers, members of the City Council have added $40,000 to hire a contractor to replace electrical poles next year.

"These are poles that our three-man crew couldn’t get to," Rogers said last week.

Also, a $15,000 expenditure for a new computer system server and four work stations was added to the budget, Rogers said.

Those additions total $55,000 — slightly more than double the projected $23,596 surplus in the original draft budget.

Obviously, something has to give. Rogers was hopeful last week that something would.

"We have to have a balanced budget by law," Rogers said. "I think we can trim some things and eventually wind up with a small surplus."

Rogers said he expects to have one more meeting with aldermen about the budget before the Dec. 2 meeting.