The Paris City Council got a look at a draft 2014 budget and increased the amount of paving work that will be done on city streets this year when they met on Tuesday, Sept. 2.

The Aldermen added $50,000 to the $75,000 previously budgeted for paving work. The paving work began last week and should be finished this week, according to Mayor Daniel Rogers.

According to Rogers, paving work will be done on Bryan Street, White Street, South Third Street, Danley Street, North Sixth Street, North Ninth Street, South Seventh Street and East Mary Street. The work is being done by Blackstone Construction.

Paris normally spends $60,000 to $70,000 a year on paving work, Rogers said. The city spent $130,000 on paving work last year.

Rogers added that he’s suggested spending $140,000 on paving work in 2014.

Rogers also said the city is expecting more money for street work because of the half-cent sales tax increase passed by voters in the state earlier this year. The proceeds are also going to be used by the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

"The city should be getting around $60,000 a year from that sales tax," Rogers said.

In his 2014 budget, Rogers is proposing spending $7.1 million in 2014, compared to spending $7.2 million this year. He’s also budgeting $465,000 for capitol improvement projects including $325,000 on new water and sewer lines and $140,000 in street and drainage work.

Some of the money he’s proposing to spend on water and sewer lines will come from a 1 percent increase in the sales tax, which voters approved last month in a special election.

The draft also forecasts a surplus of $15,545 but that could change, Rogers said.

"The surplus may go up because the council may want more of a surplus," Rogers said.

The Mayor added that the city’s Budget Committee will meet before the October City Council meeting.