Sheriff’s Deputies and Paris Police Department officers were called to the Logan County Detention Center in Paris to quell two disturbances by inmates on the weekend of Saturday, Jan. 18 and Sunday, Jan. 19, according to Chief Deputy Sheriff and Jail Administrator David Spicer.

"Something to this extent hasn’t happened in three or four years," Spicer said.

According to Spicer, the first incident began around midnight on Saturday, Jan. 18, when an inmate in a cell without hot water asked a jailer for some hot water.

"Most cells have only cold water and he became upset when the jailer denied his request for hot water at almost midnight," Spicer said. "He then got the other inmates to screaming and yelling. One of the inmates lit a piece of toilet paper and threw it onto the floor."

Inmates in the cell where the incident took place were removed by officers and placed in the exercise area while the cell was searched.

"Lighters are an item of contraband we constantly search for," Spicer said. "We did a search and never came up with a lighter. After the search, we temporarily removed paper products from the cell."

The inmates involved weren’t allowed to purchase items from the commissary for the remainder of the week, Spicer said.

On Sunday, Jan. 19, the inmate who instigated the disturbance the previous day, instigated another disturbance, Spicer said.

"He was in a cell designed to hold two inmates but had five inmates in it," Spicer said. "They managed to remove a metal bunk bed that was bolted to the wall. They then began using it as a battering ram on the cell door."

Spicer said the cell door was knocked off its hinges and one inmate left the cell.

"When he did, he found a deputy waiting on him with a Taser," Spicer said. "After that, he complied with the deputy’s instructions."

Spicer said the three inmates who were primarily behind that incident were placed in other cells, had their privileges taken away and weren’t allowed visitors. They have presented no problems since, Spicer said. Spicer also said the inmates involved in the two incidents may have charges filed against them.

At the time, the detention center was holding 40 or 42 inmates but it only has 34 beds, Spicer said.