A 23-year-old Paris man, who was free on bond from an armed robbery charge, was arrested on Monday, Dec. 30 and charged with six counts of breaking and entering, six counts of theft of property, one count of fleeing and theft of a firearm.

The man, Haskall Swanson, is presently in the Logan County Detention Center.

The series of events that led to his arrest began about 8 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 30. That is when the Paris Police Department started getting phone calls about a white male, wearing a hoodie, trying to break into vehicles.

"We got eight calls about it that night," Paris Police Chief John O’Brien said. "He was first reported on the western side of town, then on Fifth Street and then down Fifth Street to Roseville Street. The callers all gave pretty much the same description of the suspect."

About 9 p.m., a Paris Police officer saw a white male looking into a mail box in the 100 block of North Fourth Street, O’Brien said.

"He called out to him and the suspect started running," O’Brien said. "He ran down Main Street and then turned east. The officer chased him on foot and finally tackled him in the 400 block of East Main."

The officer found the suspect to be in possession of a shotgun, shotgun shells, a GPS and cables and a Johnsonville Sausage gift set.

"Those were items that had been reported stolen that night," O’Brien said. "The items were returned to their owners."