A Paris man, arrested in December on multiple charges while free on bond and later released from the Logan County Detention Center, was arrested again last week by Paris Police.

Haskal Dylan Swanson, 23, was arrested at the Logan County Detention Center in Paris and charged with criminal trespassing and breaking and entering on Jan. 14. As a condition of his release, Swanson was required to report to the jail three times a week and was arrested after reporting, according to Paris Chief of Police John O’Brien.

On Jan. 12, a Paris resident reported seeing a white male inside a Jeep parked in a driveway on South Fifth Street, according to police incident reports. The Paris resident approached the man, threw him to the ground and a scuffled with him, according to reports.

The suspect then got loose and ran and the Paris man followed him in his truck. The Paris resident then reported the incident to police and provided a description of the suspect, which matched Swanson’s description, according to incident reports.

Swanson was later identified by the Paris resident, O’Brien said. O’Brien went to the detention center, interviewed Swanson and arrested him.

Swanson is now in jail awaiting a bond hearing on the additional charges, according to Logan County Jail Administrator and Chief Deputy David Spicer.

In December, Swanson was charged with multiple breaking and entering and theft of property charges, O’Brien said.

O’Brien said Swanson was initially released from jail after getting into an "altercation in which his nose was broken requiring him to see a specialist," O’Brien said.