A 30-year-old Paris man is facing possible charges of aggravated assault, among others, in connection with an incident on Thursday, Oct. 17.

James Akers, 30, may be charged with felony terroristic threatening and misdemeanor harassment, public intoxication or drinking in public, violating a no contact order and carrying a knife as a weapon charges in addition to the aggravated assault charge, according to Paris Police Department incident reports.

The incident took place on South Third Street around 3:29 p.m. Paris Police received a call about a fight involving a knife. The caller told police that Akers rode by a residence on a bike and was "yelling and cursing at them, pulled out a knife and made threats."

Upon arriving at the scene, a bike was found lying in the street and Akers was running down the street toward the officer. The report states that at that point, the officer pulled his weapon and ordered Akers to lie down in the street. He did and was handcuffed.

According to the report, the officer was told by a bystander that Akers had thrown the knife into the woods. Akers was taken to the area where the knife was supposedly discarded and pointed to it. A black and white knife with a saw-tooth blade was recovered.

Reward is offered

Dr. Tom Spivey of Spivery Dental Clinic is offering a reward for the return of a box containing a patient’s lower denture that was taken from his office sometime around Oct. 7.

The lower denture is valued at $2,000.

According to Paris Police Department reports, the reward is being offered for the return of the lower denture with "no questions asked."