Administration officials on Wednesday briefly placed Scranton Elementary School on lockdown after they received a phone call from a parent concerned that her children possibly were in danger.

Logan County Chief Deputy Sheriff David Spicer said the Sheriff’s Office received a phone call from the school about 11 a.m. School officials told deputies that a woman with children at the school had called the office and said that a family member of hers had told her that another family member, "had gone crazy and was threatening to kill himself and the family."

School administration placed the school on lockdown. Authorities in Johnson County found the family member in question at his home, watching TV. The man gave authorities a different story, and investigators determined he was not a threat, Spicer said.

Scranton Schools Superintendent James Bridges said the school was on lockdown for about an hour before officials were sure everything was OK.

"We took precautionary measures," Bridges said. "There was never anybody in any danger at all, but we’d rather over-react than not react and have a problem."

Investigators contacted the woman who made the initial call to the school. The woman was concerned that her children possibly were in danger, and no alleged threat was ever made to other students in the school, Spicer said.

Spicer said there was no credible threat to the students, and classes resumed as normal.